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Professional skill development Company in India

Professional skill development Company in India Skill Development India is a pioneer in innovative training for leading creative web design, web development, Graphics design, digital video, audio music technology Training programs. Learn the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop from industry experts with easy to understand modules and practical examples. You will be taught the basics of Photoshop, working with layers, making 3D images and creating images for video and web.

We are committed to provide world class soft skill training in almost all the subjects required for the Skill Development at affordable rate. This training will be given by the group of committed trainers specially 5 years prectical Experiance
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We offers the following:
Centrally Located
High Quality Audio and Video Facilities
Cordial Conducive Learning Environment
Affordable Fees
Flexible Schedule
Highly Qualified and Experienced Trainers / Facilitators
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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Training
Are you new to Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essential Training is perfect for people who are beginners or have a basic understanding of Photoshop. These easy to understand cover everything you need to know to get up and running quickly in Photoshop CS6!
  Course Syllabus:  
Exploring Photoshop CS6
Basics of Photoshop CS6
Creating a Good Image
Getting Smart in Photoshop CS6
Creating Images for Web & Video
Photoshop CS6 Workspace
Making the Best Selections
Getting to Know Layers
Using Photoshop CS6 Filters
New Features in Photoshop CS6
Using Adobe Bridge CS6
Painting & Retouching
Taking Layers to the Max
Introducing 3D
  Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended Essentials  
1. Exploring the Interface & Panels
2. Switching & Customizing Workspaces
3. Using the Tools Panel & Options Bar
4. Creating & Opening New Documents
5. Zooming & Changing Document Views
6. Saving Documents
1. Working with Basic Selection Tools
2. Working with the Lasso Tools
3. Using the Magic Wand Tool
4. Using the Quick Selection Tool
5. Using the Refine Edge Command
1. Making Panoramic Pictures with Photomerge
2. Creating a Layer Mask with Quick Mask Mode
3. Moving Images to Other Documents & Using Free Transform
4. Working with Layer Masks & Applying an Adjustment Layer
5. Creating a Grayscale Image with Actions
1. Defining the Project
2. Brainstorming the Project
3. Creating Guides
4. Placing Images
5. Working with Text
6. Adding Layer Styles to Text
7. Designing for a Different Audience
8. Improving the Design Layout with Filters
9. Using the New Content-Aware Move Command
10. Converting Text to a Shape
1. Scanning an Image
2. Using the Spot Healing Brush Tool
3. Using the Healing Brush Tool
4. Use the Patch Tool & Clone Stamp Tool
5. Use Content Aware with the Patch Tool
6. Applying an Action from Actions Panel
7. Understanding Blending Modes
8. Using Blending Modes to Colorize an Image
1. Arranging Multiple Open Documents On-screen
2. Loading a Selection & Pasting into a Selection
3. Creating an Adjustment Layer with a Layer Mask
4. Working with a Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer
5. Merging Photos with the Merge to HDR Pro Command
6. Using Content Aware Fill
7. Working with the Patch Tool
8. Using Gradient Tool to Combine Pic Elements into a New Pic
9. Working with Layer Styles, Fill Opacity & Opacity
10. Exploring the Filter Gallery
11. Adjusting Composited Images using Layer Effects
1. Reviewing the Drawing Modes
2. Using the Pen Tool
3. Drawing & Altering Shapes
4. Exploring the Brush Panel
5. Painting with Brushes
6. Applying the Oil Paint Filter
1. An Overview of Adobe Bridge
2. Using Automated Tasks
1. Using the Histogram Panel
2. Using Auto Adjustments
3. Improving Image Composition with Cropping
4. Creating a Web Photo Gallery
5. Credits
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Who should do this course:

Career Options after you learn Design course :

1. Work as a freelancer providing Digital Design Service
2. Start your own Design company
3. Work as a part time or full time Work and earn in dollars.
4. Get job in top Design companies

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CEO Founder of MyDeal NI - Ireland
" SkillDevelopment India Provided Great Opportunity for beginer like me. Very expert Team with wast knowledge. Courses are very helpfull for my business. I will surely Recomanded Skill Development India to my Family and to my Group also."
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We are Centrally Located. We are providing High Quality Audio and Video Facilities. We have Cordial Conducive Learning Environment with Affordable Fees Top Reasons you should select Innovative
Professional skill development Company
We are committed to provide world class soft skill training in almost all the subjects required for the Skill Development at affordable rate. Web Traffic
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